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UMCA Tax Return Info:

      The United Moms Charity Association (henceforth UMCA ) was founded in 1992.  In 1996, it was officially registered with the state of New Jersey as a non-profit organization, and received federal tax-exempt status. The UMCA’s work includes community service in the United States, as well as aiding orphans in China (many photos are available through the "Community Service" and "Mainland China" links below).
On-going Projects

In 2005, UMCA is helping 720 orphans in several states in Yunnan Province; in addition, UMCA is providing 100 thousand yuan (RMB) to repair 2 primary schools in the mountain region of Dali State, Yunnan Province, and 500 thousand yuan (RMB) to repair 1 primary school in Longchuan County, Dehong State, Yunnan Province.

Your donations for children's living expenses and school facilities would be greatly appreciated!
*The United Moms Charity Association’s volunteers are all working without salary, and pay their own expenses when travelling overseas. The organization’s overhead is paid privately by board members and by donors who specify that their donations be used for overhead.

To donate Money:

Please contact Mr. In-Sheng Cheng

Tel:  609-655-4742 or 609-409-0559 
    Fax: 609-655-4256 

To donate Clothing or other Imperishable Goods, please contact:

Mrs. Debbie Shiao

Email: ischeng@comcast.net
Web:  njumca.org

Non-Profit Charity Organization
Tax-exempt Permit Number: 22-3463401

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